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St. Andrew Corsini, Bishop

St. Andrew Corsini, Bishop

January 9, 2024

Saint Andrew Corsini's life was a testament to transformation and devotion. Born into the esteemed Corsini family in Florence in 1302, his early life was marked by extravagance and vice. However, after a rebuke from his parents and a period of reflection at the Santa Maria del Carmine church, he chose to become a Carmelite friar, dedicating himself to a life of great mortification.

Ordained as a priest in 1328, Corsini's preaching in Florence earned him the title of the "Apostle of Florence." His dedication to his religious vocation was unwavering, even when appointed as the Bishop of Fiesole in 1349, a position he initially hesitated to accept.

As bishop, Corsini continued his life of asceticism, practicing severe austerities and devoting himself to the plight of the poor. He was known as a peacemaker, mediating conflicts between political factions and tending to the needs of the marginalized.

Corsini's death, which occurred as foretold during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve, was marked by miraculous occurrences. After his passing, devotion to him intensified, and miracles at his tomb were reported. Pope Eugene IV beatified him in 1440, and Pope Urban VIII canonized him as a saint in 1629.

His legacy continued to be honored through the construction of chapels dedicated to him, such as the Corsini Chapel in the Carmelite church of Santa Maria del Carmine and a magnificent chapel in the Roman Basilica of Saint John Lateran. His feast day is celebrated on January 9, commemorating his devotion to his religious calling, his efforts in rebuilding the spiritual and material aspects of his diocese, and his role as a peacemaker and helper of the poor.

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